Mythology as Writing Inspiration: The Mythical Creatures Bible

The Mythical Creatures Bible: a Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings by Brenda Rosen Although The Mythical Creatures Bible is a small volume (only in size, it has nearly 400 pages), it contains a huge variety of mythological and folklore figures and almost all of them are illustrated. The volume consists of five parts: An introductionContinue reading “Mythology as Writing Inspiration: The Mythical Creatures Bible”

Writing News – My Novel for NaNoWriMo 2015

Today the NaNoWriMo website opens for this year and you can start entering your novel on your page. My WIP for this year is up and the summary reads as follows: The Charms of Life and Death The Ruon Healers hold some of the greatest magic in all of Airtha-Eyrassa. With needle and thread theyContinue reading “Writing News – My Novel for NaNoWriMo 2015”

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Winged Creatures in Myth and Folklore Part 2

Winged Hybrid Creatures: In this second part I’m covering griffins, hippogriffs, Garuda, harpies, and the alkonost.

Podcasts for Writing Inspiration

Podcasts, just like audiobooks, is a great way to spend those times of day when you’re commuting (or doing housework). There are podcasts available on just about every subject you can imagine. There are a few podcasts I follow every week and some for which I pick and choose episodes to listen to. Some podcastsContinue reading “Podcasts for Writing Inspiration”