Flash Fiction: Calling the Rain

Inspired by a writing group prompt.  Calling the Rain  She worked at a desk in the corner of her upstairs room. Cogs and thin pieces of copper wire littered the wooden surface, the tiny tools she used taken from her clock workshop below. Tightening the last screw, she sat back and gazed at her creation.Continue reading “Flash Fiction: Calling the Rain”

Flash Fiction: What the Ether Let Through

This story was written for last week’s Microcosms flash fiction competition (where you have 300 words max for the story). The elements I had to use for the story, was creature, in the dark, and steampunk. What the Ether Let Through Ether shimmered in the dark alley as the creature appeared and stalked along theContinue reading “Flash Fiction: What the Ether Let Through”

Flash Fiction: Eisen’s Soul Capturing and Inspection Device

The steam coach bumped over the cobbled streets of the city. Here, in the better parts of the city, people had become enlightened enough not to refer to the belching machine as the ‘devil’s work’, doctor Gregory Smithson mused from his prime seat on the rambling coach. The man opposite Smithson handed him a folder.Continue reading “Flash Fiction: Eisen’s Soul Capturing and Inspection Device”