Of Working Two Months Ahead, Looking After Yourself, and Fiction Writing News

The last we saw our intrepid writer, she was busy outlining the whole of The Ruon Chronicles and taking Sir Tristan the Wonder Cat for walkies in the garden. Since then… well not much has changed and yet a lot has changed.

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It actually feels great to be getting back into the swing of things, especially writing-wise. Though I can feel the remnants of the anaemia still, I am doing so much better. And writing at a proper pace again, which is — to say the least — awesome. The one thing I do like about warmerContinue reading “Getting Back Into the Swing of Things”

Playing around with covers – The Ruon Chronicles and Forgotten

I’ve been playing around with possible ebook covers for The Knowledge Stones, Grove of Graves, and Forgotten on Canva. Not just as a procrastination tactic, but also because I actually need some covers for when I publish the full stories. (We’ve been so busy at work that I’ve spent some evenings rather working on coversContinue reading “Playing around with covers – The Ruon Chronicles and Forgotten”

Current WIPs, Short Story Accepted, and NaNoWriMo 2017

Writing update time! So, I have ended up doing quite a bit of writing, but feeling like I am not really getting anywhere because the writing consists of so much planning. Worldbuilding different worlds, changing my mind The previous NaNoWriMo’s had me knowing exactly what I want to write and what I would spend theContinue reading “Current WIPs, Short Story Accepted, and NaNoWriMo 2017”

#AmWriting – Writing Exercises – Writing Step-by-step: Dilemmas, Flaws, and Conflicts

This writing exercise forms part of the fiction writing course I am currently busy with. For this exercise I decided to return to the character Aidan Wright. In order for you not to have to scan back-and-forth between posts, I’m posting the two paragraphs about Aidan here again and the new exercise will then beContinue reading “#AmWriting – Writing Exercises – Writing Step-by-step: Dilemmas, Flaws, and Conflicts”