Writing Update August 2018 – Part 2

There and Back Again The 2018 SASMARS Conference was a success and I’m safely home and back at work (though I still need to finish typing up the minutes of our general meeting). The “Rememberer of gods and kings” paper went really well and I hardly tripped over words (trust me, that’s a new one!). … Continue reading Writing Update August 2018 – Part 2

Writing Update – August 2018

Thanks to a bout of simply awful flu I completely lost track of time over the past three weeks! Well, let’s just say an anti-viral and anti-biotic later and I’m finally free of whatever it was that I had. (Thanks to having chronic pain I didn’t realise I was getting ill, so it took a … Continue reading Writing Update – August 2018

Writing Update: flash fiction, grave robbing, courses, and outlining

Well it’s been a week of horrible news, natural disasters, and much else, but I’d rather not focus on that right now. I’ve always used writing as a kind of outlet to work through – let’s just call it “stuff” – and this week was no different (which also kind of explains the story “A … Continue reading Writing Update: flash fiction, grave robbing, courses, and outlining

Writing News & Plans for September

August was such a whirlwind that I didn’t get much done fiction-wise except my fiction for Patreon (titled “The Tower of Scattering Winds”). I did, however, finish an article for the Speculative Grammarian which I started a while ago. (Speculative Grammarian is a satirical linguistics journal. It’s extremely entertaining if you’re interested in linguistics and … Continue reading Writing News & Plans for September