Writing Update – September 2018

Or, Some weeks the dragon wins The past two weeks have been two difficult weeks during which I barely worked on my fiction, unfortunately. The Knowledge Stones grew by a few hundred words, at least, but that’s about it. It really feels as if the dragon won these past two weeks. This coming weekend, however,Continue reading “Writing Update – September 2018”

Writing Update August 2018 – Part 2

There and Back Again The 2018 SASMARS Conference was a success and I’m safely home and back at work (though I still need to finish typing up the minutes of our general meeting). The “Rememberer of gods and kings” paper went really well and I hardly tripped over words (trust me, that’s a new one!).Continue reading “Writing Update August 2018 – Part 2”

Writing Update – August 2018

Thanks to a bout of simply awful flu I completely lost track of time over the past three weeks! Well, let’s just say an anti-viral and anti-biotic later and I’m finally free of whatever it was that I had. (Thanks to having chronic pain I didn’t realise I was getting ill, so it took aContinue reading “Writing Update – August 2018”

Weird, wonderful, you: choosing change, choosing not to change

While I’m busy with more introspective posts and articles, I might as well delve into this as well… In the newest issue of Breathe magazine (Issue 14), there is an article about being true to yourself and not changing yourself for others (“Drop the Façade” by Francesca Baker). Among other things, it’s noted that oneContinue reading “Weird, wonderful, you: choosing change, choosing not to change”

Useful writing software and apps

Scrivener! There are probably very few writers who have not at least heard of Scrivener – and there’s a good reason for it. It really is that awesome. Whether you’re planning out a short story, stand-alone book or epic series, Scrivener is perfectly capable of handling it. I very rarely write anything that is notContinue reading “Useful writing software and apps”

Thoughts on a C.S. Lewis quote and following your dream

“We are always falling in love or quarrelling, looking for jobs or fearing to lose them, getting ill and recovering, following public affairs. If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work.” – C.S. Lewis I saw this quoteContinue reading “Thoughts on a C.S. Lewis quote and following your dream”

Writing update – July 2018, part 2

July (and Camp NaNoWriMo) is about 12 days from completion, and though I have not reached my target word count, I can say that I’m optimistic that I will still reach it as I double down and work on my projects and articles. Another “Mighty” article The Mighty has published another one of my articlesContinue reading “Writing update – July 2018, part 2”