Friday Stuff – Pondering Ideas, Reality, Widows, Tattoed Women, and a Song

I’ve decided to start the “weekly finds” posts again, as they are a lot of fun for me and they also give an idea of what I read that influences my fiction (up to a point, obviously). I’ll still do Friday Favourite Music as well, but I think it will more often than not beContinue reading “Friday Stuff – Pondering Ideas, Reality, Widows, Tattoed Women, and a Song”

Thoughts on deep work and avoiding distraction

Cal Newport makes a very good argument that what he calls “deep work”, which is basically work which requires constant concentration and must be done without interruption, is on the decline as distractions like social media become more invasive in almost everyone’s everyday lives.

Discovering your passion: learning and doing

(You can read Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking here.) Okay, so you’ve decided what to pursue, but now you probably have quite a learning curve ahead of you – even if you just want to learn to brioche knitting (difficult, but awesome, btw). The first thing you probably need to do is toContinue reading “Discovering your passion: learning and doing”