Medieval Conference Update – SASMARS 2016

I can’t believe it, but in less than a month’s time SASMARS 2016 starts! If you’ve missed the previous blogposts, SASMARS is the Southern African Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and I’m giving a paper at this year’s conference!

books and pen Mikhail Pavstyuk

Huge and Exciting News!

aka The Independent Scholar In August there will be the 23rd biennial conference of the Southern Africa Society of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. While that is good news in itself, my big and exciting news is that my proposal for a paper to be presented at the conference has been selected! The paper is titled […]

Favourite Music Thursday – Something to Lift the Spirit

Today has been a very trying day. I find that early music helps to lift my spirit most days and I really like Hildegard von Bingen’s music. Here’s “O Pastor animarum”, with the English translation below. O Pastor animarum Antiphon for the Redeemer (R 466va) by Hildegard von Bingen O Pastor animarum et O prima […]