Worldbuilding Wednesday: Remembering That the World is Round

You may be asking yourself ‘what on earth’ right now. The truth is, I feel quite silly. No, actually I feel like a downright idiot. I’ve posted this map before: It’s a straightforward map, but for a while, while figuring out some of the final trade routes (which does play a part in the story, […]

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Worldbuilding Wednesday – How Mythical Is Your World?

Worldbuilding can be very intricate and there is a lot of information you have to keep in mind when working in a secondary world – or when including fantasy or supernatural elements in your world. While writing about the creation of The Ruon Chronicles’ world, Airtha-Eyrassa, I realised that I needed to ask myself how […]

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Favourite Music Thursday – Never Back Down

I haven’t done a Favourite Music Thursday in a while, so I thought that this week, after the music and worldbuilding post, some more music would be just the thing. This composition by Two Steps From Hell from their album Battlecry is one of my favourite tracks (and great for a writing soundtrack as well!). […]

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Vonkfiksie: Halfmens

“Ek kan nie meer voel nie,” kla ek. “Die wêreld lê in skerwe om my. My hart lê aan skerwe. My voel is op.”