Weekly Finds – Mesa Verde, the Oldest Writing and Trees’ Language

A mini Weekly Finds this week… Video of the Week Articles of the week: Mesa Verde’s surprising story The culture that once thrived at Mesa Verde National Park was rich, complex and far-reaching – and it didn’t mysteriously disappear. The World’s Oldest Writing Used by scribes for more than three millennia, cuneiform writing opens a […]

Deep Time, Secret Libraries, and Lost Species

This week I’m at the SASMARS Conference, so it’s going to be a bit of a shorter Weekly Finds as I’m compiling this earlier in the week. I do hope you still enjoy all these links! Videos of the Week: Can we bring back lost species? – by PHD Comics Deep Time: Crash Course Astronomy […]

A Forgotten Empire, Spiritualism, Celtic Languages, and a Ship

This week I have for you a podcast about a physical notation system by the Incas that consisted of coloured, knotted string, a beautiful song and music video by Radical Face and four articles that range from spiritualism to music appreciation. (Though not music appreciation by supernatural beings. Hmm… talk about story inspiration…)

Weekly Finds – Lore, Sagas, and Vikings!

Welcome to the second instalment of the Weekly Finds blogpost! This week there’s a podcast, a huge database of sagas, and some reference and research works as well. Podcast of the Week: Lore Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction. Since I discovered the Lore podcast (and listened to all the episode), I anxiously […]

Welcome to Weekly Finds!

Welcome to the first Weekly Finds! In these posts I’ll show some of the cool things (which includes things like articles and blogs) I’ve found on the internet.