Fiction: Behind the scenes – “Forgotten”

Read “Forgotten” here. The inspiration for “Forgotten” came from the photo “Man on plane” by Ross Hughes. While it started out as a fantasy story, it soon turned into a let’s-see-how-much-I-can-creep-myself-out story. So, while it is horror, it is more creepy than anything else. Unlike most of my longer stories, “Forgotten” was completely pantsed – … More Fiction: Behind the scenes – “Forgotten”

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 24 – X

Welcome to week 24! This week I’ll be focusing on figures starting with ‘X’. These are the Xian, Xuan Zang, and Xi-he. The Xian According to Chinese mythology, the Xian “are beings who have gained immortality … [they] are not deities, but have been granted the gift of eternal life” (Cotterell & Storm, 2007:486). These … More Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 24 – X