Winning Flash Fiction! Bones Beneath the Juniper Tree

I wrote this story for Flash! Friday’s competition last week and it won! The prompt was Grimm’s fairy tales and I chose The Juniper Tree (basically because it’s creeped me out since childhood). If you don’t know the story, you can read “The Juniper Tree” over here. Bones Beneath the Juniper Tree “And then suddenly […]

Published Articles and Writing Update

Spring has sprung! Last week was Spring Day – and as suits Spring Day – we had a cold and rainy week after a few weeks when it felt like it was already summer. Published Articles: This week’s articles are definitely more upbeat than the previous week’s! Make a New Start This Spring 5 Great […]

Flash Fiction: The Last Song of Winter

“The Last Song of Winter” was written for Flash! Friday (and received an honourable mention, yay!) and ended up being a sequel of sorts to “The Souls of Trees” which I had written in June this year (also for Flash! Friday). Here’s “The Souls of Trees” followed by “The Last Song of Winter”. Together they […]

Avenue of Trees

Vonkfiksie – Die soektog

Jy is weg. My liggaam word ’n legkaart toe die hospitaal skakel. My hele wese skeur uitmekaar. My siel spat aan skerwe. Stukke lê versprei oor die aarde heen, lê verlate waar ons saam was. Maar nou is daar niemand om my op te tel nie. Niemand om na die stukke te soek en hulle […]

Flash Fiction: The River Lord’s Jewel & The Last Wish

Written for one of the Flash! Friday competitions, these stories had the prompt “The Arabian Nights”. The River Lord’s Jewel The princess stared at the dark waters of the pool. Beside her stood an older woman with tears in her eyes. “Who am I?” she asked the woman. “You are my daughter,” she said. “Where […]