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On the Writing Front

This past week and weekend has been spent mostly on studies, creating a gift for a baby shower, and also some writing – yay!

Flash Fiction: The Experiment

This story was written for last week’s Cracked Flash Fiction competition – you had to start the story with the sentence given and had a maximum of 300 words. The Experiment “I TOLD you it was only a theory,” Sebastian said. From here he could see Melville Koppies, the Sentech tower, and the grounds of […]

Flash Fiction: Not According to Plan

“I told you he had a dungeon.” “I know.” “I told you we were going to be captured.” “I know.” Chains dragged over a stone floor. “I’d do my ‘I told you so’ dance, but I’m a bit tied up.” Chains jangled. “It just always looks so simple. In the movies, I mean. You travel […]

Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe that it is already 2016! Of Crafting, Crochet, and Time Well Spent I was lucky enough to have been on vacation for a little over a week and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Although I did not spend as much time on my writing as I had planned, I did do an awful […]

Flash Fiction: Dust Red As Blood

This story was written for Cracked Flash Fiction (a weekly competition where they give you the first line and you have to write a story of 300 words or less). It takes place in the same world as the NaNoWriMo novel of 2015 (working title: The Charms of Life and Death). Dust Red As Blood […]

Flash Fiction: Once There Were Dragons

On Friday everything changed. Today the dragon guardians would leave for the islands with those dragons who had survived the wars. No longer would this be the City of Dragons it once was. Dragons trailed our ships as we started towards our new home. It seemed that both our races had suffered hurts we could […]

Flash Fiction: The Barman Always Listens

“Sometimes, people really are just useless.” James, bent over a double scotch, was snacking on blocks of cheese and cocktail onions skewered on toothpicks – hardly the thing you usually saw at these parties. Waiters were going around with other snacks in the room filled with people dressed for a cocktail party. There was a […]

Flash Fiction: Photographs and Immortality

Last week was the final Flash!Friday competition. *weeps* For my two stories I decided to expand on some of the other worlds I’ve created in my stories written for Flash! Friday. The first story, “Immortālis” takes place in the same world as, “Momento Mori” (which is why I chose this specific title). Here’s “Immortālis” and, […]

Flash Fiction Double Feature – Dragons!

For last week’s Flash! Friday, you had to include a dragon, and I ended up doing a part 2 of another flash piece I’d written for Flash! Friday a few months ago, titled “After the Sea Monsters”. It’s technically set in the same world as my NaNoWriMo work for this year, though quite a few […]