Digging out my embroidery skills

I hope I’m not the only one who buys craft kits and then take a year (or five in this case!) to start on them. In 2012 I got one of  Rosework’s embroidery patterns called “Firebird” and finally started working on it about a month ago. (Roseworks is a local — i.e. South African — brand.) In my defence, though, I have been busy with needlepoint and did not realise when I bought said pattern that it called for over 40 colours of embroidery cotton.

Okay, and I forgot I had it for a while… (Part of the reason why I really needed to declutter my craft cupboard — I had stuff in there I’d forgotten about.)

But anyway, so about two months ago I found a local place that sells the DMC embroidery cotton for a lot cheaper than the usual wool-and-embroidery-stuff-though-it-actually-sells-sewing-machines-but-I-love-the-people-there shop I go to. And I thought huzzah! Now I can actually afford to buy the cotton!

So, long story short, and after taking an hour to find all the colours (I may have gotten distracted after spotting quilling paper), I walked away with a bag of embroidery cotton, and the realisation that I haven’t embroidered anything but a few Ruon charms in years. And that the Firebird pattern stated ‘advanced’ when I looked a bit closer.

Turns out that I seem to be all right with the basics still… Mostly thanks to this little embroidery kit I got with Molly Makes and Craftsy Unlimited videos. Let’s just say that before watching the video on French knots I was utterly unable to make them. No matter how many tutorials I read. It’s the main reason I never did any proper candlewicking patterns…

Here is the Molly Makes embroidery:

Love embroidery on white background finished

And the Firebird embroidery, which is my embroidery WIP:

And here are the Ruon charms — they form part of my stories in The Ruon Chronicles.

embroidery 3


Learning and Practising Knitting and Embroidery

So it’s been a busy few weeks writing wise (both fiction and at work!), but I have been crafting more than I thought I would thanks to the Easter weekend. I only have one FO to show – the “Love” embroidery that came as a kit with one of the Mollie Makes magazine issues.

The last thing I embroidered were some “charms” for a blogpost, so getting back into it – and at last learning how to do a proper French knot – was great. I even got some embroidery floss so I can start on my Firebird embroidery pattern… which I got in 2012. So it’s about time that I start!

Find Firebird and other Roseworks patterns here (it is a South African online shop).

Other than that, I’ve worked on my sampler scarf (knitted in various stitches) and my Mandela Day scarf which is my lazy no-brainer crochet at the moment as it just uses Elizabeth stitch I found on Pinterest.

The scarf is half my own pattern and half that which is the project for the Simply Stunning Colorwork knitting course by Anne Berk you can do through Craftsy (I can highly recommend it).

And I’m making yet another shawl. Why? Because I love them. This one is the Reyna shawl by Noora Laivola.

Reyna knitted shawl on white background WIP photo 1