When the Reaper Sang

They brought me with them to the new colony unwittingly. My job has always been to gather the souls of those whose time ran out, to separate the living from the dead. I was a relic of the old planet they had nearly forgotten about. With all their healthcare technology they had forgotten just howContinue reading “When the Reaper Sang”

Camp NaNoWriMo Update – Day 5

Camp NaNoWriMo is in full swing and so far it’s going well. Because I won’t be able to do much work on my Camp stuff this weekend, I really tried to get as much done as possible during the weekend and last night. This really worked in my favour as I am now on 6300Continue reading “Camp NaNoWriMo Update – Day 5”

The river that kills the sun

Today I was going to paint the sun as it died. I set out as the dawn light crept into the sky to announce the kindling of the sun in the fire mountains in the east. With a weather-stained bag across my shoulder and canvas and easel in my hands, I set out west, lettingContinue reading “The river that kills the sun”

Indrukke: Verbeel jou dis somer deur Abraham H. de Vries

“Ek ken min skrywers wat ’n mens so bewus kan maak van die onafheid van alles, die gebrokenheid van die wêreld.” – Joan Hambidge “Die ernstige De Vries skryf pynlike, maar kragtige verhale.” – Louise Viljoen Ek het Verbeel jou dis somer by my plaaslike Exclusive Books aangeskaf en is nie teleurgestel nie. De VriesContinue reading “Indrukke: Verbeel jou dis somer deur Abraham H. de Vries”

Flash Fiction: And the Shadows Danced

The fire dancers were preparing for the midsummer feast on the beach. Most were, by now, stripped to their waists in the gathering twilight. Shallow fire pits dug into the fine white sand adorned the beach beyond the reach of the waves. They were arranged in gleaming bands radiating from the centre platform where theContinue reading “Flash Fiction: And the Shadows Danced”

Flash Fiction: Invisible/Unseen

Invisible/Unseen is a collection of three of my flash fiction stories and is available on Wattpad to read for free. Here’s a taste of the stories – just click on the title to be taken to the Wattpad page. The Midnight Walk Those of us who are safe this month are almost asleep when theContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Invisible/Unseen”

Jozi Flash Anthology Now Available!

The Jozi Flash flash fiction anthology is now available to read – and it’s free! The anthology consists of 29 stories by the following writers: Candice Maree Burger Carin Marais Nthato Morakabi Sharon Parkinson Nicolette Stephens The stories are all under 500 words long and were inspired by a number of prompts. The length makesContinue reading “Jozi Flash Anthology Now Available!”