Book Impression – The Kalevala

The Kalevala can be seen in the same light as the Eddas and the Illiad and Odessey as it is an epic collection of Finnish mythology. The translation which I read is part of the Oxford World Classics series and I found it to be very readable and enjoyable.

Fiction: Fiksie – Irisse en sjokolade

This is an Afrikaans story which popped into my head and which I posted on INK (an Afrikaans platform). It’s quite different from the stories I usually write – not least because it’s not speculative fiction! So, if you can understand Afrikaans, please go and have a read over at INK – Irisse en sjokoladeContinue reading “Fiction: Fiksie – Irisse en sjokolade”

Huge and Exciting News!

aka The Independent Scholar In August there will be the 23rd biennial conference of the Southern Africa Society of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. While that is good news in itself, my big and exciting news is that my proposal for a paper to be presented at the conference has been selected! The paper is titledContinue reading “Huge and Exciting News!”

An Unexpected “Adventure”

After returning from The Great Road Trip Weekend, things fell apart a bit. First I found that my bird, Pippin, which I’d had for fourteen years had died (of old age). Then, after burying him beneath a tree in the garden, I discovered that the bathroom and half the bedroom had been flooded thanks toContinue reading “An Unexpected “Adventure””

“Dim Mirrors” Now Available!

Dim Mirrors, a collection of 39 flash fiction stories by yours truly is now available for download on Noisetrade Books! The stories are mostly fantasy, including some fiction set in the world of Airtha-Eyrassa, in which my current WIP is set.

Poetry: The Hollow Dunes

Taking some inspiration from the awesome Nthato Morakabi (check out his blog!), I decided to also post some poetry I wrote a while ago. The Hollow Dunes The old ones have left, she said, her eyes on the hollow dunes. Their ships and gold they’ve taken. With fire brands and wild calls they’ve left. She placedContinue reading “Poetry: The Hollow Dunes”

Micro Fiction: The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places

The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places bent the wooden shelf into a half moon. From within faint scratching could be heard as more pages appeared and was filled with handwriting. Beyond the shelf in the library the world slowly changed as sea levels rose, weather took on strange new patterns, and people fled their home planet for otherContinue reading “Micro Fiction: The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places”