Writing Update: June 2016 (Part 1)

Can you believe it is already the middle of June! So I figured it’s about time I let you know where I am at the moment with my different projects. Work(s) In Progress – Fiction This week I’m finishing up my WIP Dans op die maan (Dance on the Moon), for which the closing dateContinue reading “Writing Update: June 2016 (Part 1)”

Microfiction: When I Came There, She Was Gone

This was originally published by Paragraph Planet on 7 June 2016. (Be sure to check out their other 75-word fiction.) When I came there, she was gone. The tree which had kept her safe throughout the winter was cracked and broken, yet the branches sprouted bright green leaves. From the cracked trunk of the treeContinue reading “Microfiction: When I Came There, She Was Gone”

Worldbuilding: Maps of Airtha-Eyrassa

I won’t lie – I love maps. Whether they are of real or mythical places, a place I know very well or a place I still wish I could visit one day. For the Airtha-Eyrassa books I’m writing, I need much more detailed maps.

Book Impressions: Sumerian Liturgies and Psalms

The tablets that have been translated in this book is from the library of ancient Nippur, and includes examples of liturgical compilation texts and various prayers.

Patreon Fiction: The Memories of Keys

May’s Patreon-only fiction has been posted! This month’s short story is called “The Memories of Keys” (and may just be a world I will revisit in the future…). Here is an extract of the story: Extract: Sinieka picked up an old key that lay on the rubble-strewn road. Images of the owner’s life before hisContinue reading “Patreon Fiction: The Memories of Keys”

Book Impression: Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas

All the sagas in this volume has been translated by Gwyn Jones. The sagas in this volume consists of: Hen-Thorir The Vapnfjord Men Thorstein Staff-struck Hrafnkel the Priest of Frey Eirik the Red Thidrandi Whom the Goddesses Slew Authun and the Bear Gunnlaug Wormtongue King Hrolf and His Champions The sagas in this volume areContinue reading “Book Impression: Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas”