September is here! Spring is here!

The Box of Secrets

The Box of Secrets will be finished before NaNoWriMo in November and, currently, I am busy with the second half of part seven. Parts six and seven will be posted in September, with the final part being posted in October.

I have also decided to make the final text available as an ebook – but more about that next month!

Worldbuilding the Ruon Chronicles

I’m busy worldbuilding (as you can gather from my other posts) with my eye on having everything finished by 1 November. I want to again try for a double NaNo (100K words) so that I have a full first draft of Charms of Life and Death completed come December.

“Papier en Porselein” (Working Title)

I’m also worldbuilding and planning a second novel (which will be in Afrikaans. I want to start it in Desember and, if I want to enter it into a specific competition, I will have six to seven months to finish it. I’ll say more about this later in the month (when I know more myself!).

It is, however, going to be fantasy, though I have yet to pin down the specific sub-genre. It’s not part of Airtha-Eyrassa or the Ruon Chronicles, however.


I’d love to hear what you’re busy with!