Jozi Flash Anthology Update

January was quite a busy writing month as I had to finish all eight stories for the second Jozi Flash anthology. It pushed me quite a bit as every story is in a different genre and need to include bot a picture and a sentence prompt. Not that I’m complaining about all the extra exercise, mind you!

Now it’s on to the editing stage of the stories and I’m looking forward to getting some (constructive) feedback on how to improve the stories.


Patreon Fiction

The flash fiction I had started out with has morphed (once again) into a long short story (though I think not quite a novella). What I can divulge at this stage is that it is about Trevian (he of The Oath and who also plays a part in Grove of Graves). It will be split into 2 or 3 parts as I did with Grove of Graves. More info will be put on my Patreon page.

Other Fiction

There are a few other bits and pieces I’m busy with – mostly flash fiction and which I want to finish in February and March. I have also started to put some more fiction on my Wattpad page and have also replaced some of the older covers with better-looking ones.

Charms of Life and Death (which is to be book 1 of The Ruon Chronicles) is also still in the works and I am slowly but surely working through the draft.