There are times when you despair about technology. These past two weeks I have been despairing on and off. You see, my main story bible for Airtha-Eyrassa, something I had spent hours and hours building is no more. Somehow the file got corrupted and the backups were of no use and everything I tried short of going back in time and printing everything out did not help me one bit to get my file and info back.


O, how I wish now that everything was in Scrivener! But, alas, it was not. And now it is all gone.

The thing that keeps me from wailing at my woe, though, is that I still have quite a few handwritten notes and my Scrivener files. And I still remember most of it, of course. (I hope!) But some of the finicky timelines and things like that is now gone, gone, gone forever.

What have I learned from this, you may ask?

Well, I learned that I should keep handwritten notes as well as electronic ones, that you can never have too many backups of something, and that sometimes the universe will throw you a curveball, smack you in the face, and then laugh about it. Loudly.


Now, though, it is time to pick up the pieces and fill in the blanks. And probably drink vast quantitiesΒ of tea.