May Writing Update 2

Or, This is taking longer than expected Since the previous update I, on the one hand, don’t feel like I’ve written that much, but that is because I have mostly been outlining and going over timelines for specifically The Ruon Chronicles. The timeline for Porselein is still small enough for me to just have some … More May Writing Update 2

May Writing Update – Fiction, Camp NaNoWriMo, and an Academic Paper

Can you believe we’re in the thick of autumn here in the southern hemisphere already? Although, I’m already working on July mags at work, so my mind is a bit split in two and apparently have decided that it’s June. (Mostly because I worked on weekly mags for 8 years and my brain seems a … More May Writing Update – Fiction, Camp NaNoWriMo, and an Academic Paper

Fiction: Behind the scenes – “Forgotten”

Read “Forgotten” here. The inspiration for “Forgotten” came from the photo “Man on plane” by Ross Hughes. While it started out as a fantasy story, it soon turned into a let’s-see-how-much-I-can-creep-myself-out story. So, while it is horror, it is more creepy than anything else. Unlike most of my longer stories, “Forgotten” was completely pantsed – … More Fiction: Behind the scenes – “Forgotten”

Flash Fiction: Broken

This story was written for last week’s Microcosms flash fiction contest. The prompt was “I wasn’t always a grumpy old man”. Story: Broken One of the children lingered by the garden gate where the old man stood, red cricket ball in his hand. The other children had fled as soon as they heard the sound … More Flash Fiction: Broken